17th April, 2012

Digital recording enables timely escalation for high risk patients

RealTime Health is introducing a nursing observation module to its RealTime Patient Flow solution – RealTime NursingObs – which enables nursing staff to capture and escalate observation data and so optimise clinical care, especially for high risk patients.

Replacing the manual recording of patient observations, and its inherent potential for error, loss of data and reaction delays, the RealTIme NursingObs solution allows nursing staff to capture observations at the bedside, using an iPad, tablet or other mobile device.  Nurses are prompted to undertake observations according to the protocol specified for each patient and data is instantly updated on the RealTime Patient Flow system.

MEWS scores are automatically calculated and displayed, triggering an alert, as appropriate, to outreach nurse, doctor-on-call or consultant via email or pager and instantly appearing on RealTime’s ward view tool.

As well as ensuring timely escalation to critical care for high risk patients, RealTime NursingObs captures doctors’ responses, creating an audit trail and facilitating both handover to other clinical teams and hospital transfers.

According to Dr Jess Boyer, Chief Medical Officer at RealTime Health, timely reaction to regular nursing observations has a significant impact on patient outcomes and helps to reduce length of stay (LoS).  “RealTime NursingObs represents a significant advancement in hospitals’ ability to improve patient care, quite simply because it enables nursing staff to carry out this routine but critical task more quickly and more accurately, at the bedside, and to share information instantly with colleagues.  Not only does this mean that deteriorating patients are appropriately escalated, but that clinical action plans for all patients can be optimised, with resulting patient care, LoS and financial benefits.”

Fully integrated within RealTime’s Patient Flow management system, the nursing observation module offers both value for money compared with stand alone alternatives and, uniquely, delivers access to observations data to all users throughout the patient journey from a single data entry point.

Explains RealTime Chief Technical Officer, Dave Nurse: “Clinical staff are now asking us to design systems that work with their existing smartphones or tablet devices.  Our technology enables the seamless adoption of the RealTime NursingObs solution on commonly-used pocket devices, turning them into high performance clinical tools.”

RealTime NursingObs is currently being rolled out in lead NHS Trusts.